Material for curious minds

WIC is actively promoting the understanding of science and technologies amongst the public. It should, as far as we are concerned, be a part of the common knowledge of humanity.

Therefore we have made a compendium of science related articles released in Mega Media. A comprehensive package of topics that are, and will stay relevant in the forthcoming five years. This should help to map out new business opportunities.

You can read the compendium here (mostly in Finnish and Swedish).

Megatrends for companies and cooperatives by Futurist Risto Linturi (in Finnish):

Seminars on future development:

Wasa Future Festival 2021 Day 1

Driving an innovation and start-up ecosystem, University innovation services taking shape

Wasa Future Festival 2021 Day 2

EnergySampo, YoungTalk21

Wasa Future Festival 2021 Day 3

Technologies, Economics, Business

Wasa Future Festival 2021 Day 4

Culture 3.0, City for young people, Smart City, Future of Work

Wasa Future Festival 2021 Day 5

Electric Aviation, Nordic Battery Belt, Kvarken Space Center