Projects of Fundamental Interest

All the groups in alphabetical order

Circular Economy

This working group is formed in January 2022.

Culture 3.0

Whatever the problem, culture is the solution! Four main spheres in which culture can and will play a significant role to enhance society:

  1. Health and Wellbeing.
    Improving health and quality of life by spending less. How?
  2. Innovation
    People are scared of new ideas. Culture has the power to affect how we perceive and receive new ideas.
  3. Education and self worth
  4. Green Transition and Environmental Sustainability

The key word is inclusion. Its the active participation of citizens, in different forms of culture, which makes all the difference. This is what all our projects related to culture are aiming for.


Together with researchers from the university and other local crypto specialists we formed a local crypto/blockchain community. We will organize events for both beginners and those already versed in the world of crypto.
Make sure to tell your crypto-curious friends about it, and also remember to join our community channel on Discord:
Ambassador: Daniel Yap

Deep Science into Practice

Fotonics, muon-detector.
Ambassadors: Sture Udd & Risto Orava

EnergySampo Fund

System level approach.
Ambassadors: Sture Udd, Stefan Damlin & Jarmo Saaranen

Living Lab Education

Taking school classes out of the classroom to learn by getting familiar with real life phenomena's. Creating a database of tasks and methods for teachers to utilize with their classes.
Currently mapping out suitable companies and places to visit.
Ambassadors: Alexandra Wasberg, Emma Dahl & Nina Söderberg.

Living Lab at WIC

Demonstrating the Kvarken satellite program, and teaching the mysteries of electromagnetic waves and theory of relativity to school classes in collaboration with Borgaregatans Skola and Kvarken Space Center.

Local Economy and Haymarket

Ongoing work to promote and improve the quality of local products and local producers, now involving 60 Ostrobothnian producers.
Ambassador Ira Mikkonen

New Regional Health Initiatives

Robotization, sensors and new companies, Cooperation with Umeå Biotech Incubator.

New Media for Ostrobothnia

The media sector needs re-thinking, the old way of doing things is obsolete. This work group focuses on topics of the future and new innovative methods that change the media landscape.

Vaasa Insider, Botnia Insider, Vaasa International, WIC Science Channel, Mega.
Ambassador : Peter Stolpe

Nordic Invest Wasa

A group of investors focusing on impact investing in Ostrobothnia.
Currently forming the model for seed investing.
Ambassador: Maria Östergård Käld


Printed optical sensors.
Abassors: Sture Udd & Jari Isohanni

Robotics/Machine Learning

Bringing state of the art tech knowledge to companies, educational institutes, and the public.

Public meetings and forums to be arranged.
Ambassador: Sami Kivioja

Vaasa Startup Ecosystem

Bringing together the organizations and the people associated or interested in the startup scene, to create a lucrative startup environment in Ostrobothnia.

Monthly gatherings, networking and specific topics.

Wasa Future Festival

The main project of WIC, Wasa Future Festival ties together all the development projects and working groups. The physical event, taking place at the end of the summer, is a culmination point for the work done throughout the year.

Next WFF is in 7.-12.8.2023. See Wasa Future Festival homepage for more information.

Wasa Water City

Part of the Smart City concept, we are pushing for city planning and construction that inspires, and in which the sea is being utilized, something that currently is neglected. The current city plan was created in the mid 1800's, and it managed to fulfill the needs of the rise of new technologies, such as the car, and industrial development.

Now as we are moving into the metaverse, our need for space and our very way of life is at a turning point.

WIC Science News

WIC Science News provides you with the latest news in science, in an understandable way, even for ordinary people.

Click here to get informed on what's going on in the exciting world of science!